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Subject: o_0

Posted on: Wednesday, February 19, 2003

By: Darkman

Ahem...*clears throat and straightens tie*... After rummaging around in DB Nightmares basement me and Brolly found something here that we never even knew existed.

It turns out that for the past 6 months or more i have actually had a news account to post here, now neither me or Brolly knew about this (how Brolly didnt know beats me but anyway) so its just sat dormant doing absolutely nothing... but exist for no point whatsoever.

Well since being enlightened with this new knowledge i decided to grace DB Nightmare with my glorious presence =P. Although ive got shit to talk about i thought id let you all know........i have a posting account here and you dont.......so there!

*does moonwalk off into the distance*

Subject: Official News

Posted on: Wednesday, February 19, 2003

By: Scott

It's your opportunity to be a star!

The FUNimation producers are looking for bright new talent. Now’s your chance to shine and give it all you got. Go to www.dragonballgt.com and click on the “Contest” link to learn more about your opportunity to BE A STAR!!!

Subject: Lalalalala

Posted on: Tuesday, February 18, 2003

By: Brolly

Yeah yeah, I'm here, I'm not dead.. yet. and quit dreaming about it! *mumbles*

Believe it or not, but I haven't been as lazy as the lack of updates might prove. I'm well under way to adding more anime content as well as a few other little bits and bobs. Including this nifty little news archive.

Just incase you're curious as to what animes I'm going to be adding in the not-so distant future, this is the list I've got..roughly, things might be added or taken off.

Blood, The Last Vampire
Cowboy Bebop
Ghost In The Shell
Perfect Blue
Street Fighter Alpha
(and of course DBZ is already up)

Seeing that I have all of these animes on dvd, it might make it a little easier to gain certain media from them, such as Screenshots, always the possibility of some Movie clips. Seriously doubtful I'll ever obtain a media server capable of full episodes so I'm not going to get my hopes up. But anyway, that's what I have planned, gimme a few... years, seeing that I am reasonably lazy, being depressed doesn't help, makes it very difficult to build up the motivation to do anything other than play ff9.. (which I've been doing a lot recently)

I have no idea how many of you people (all 4 of you) visit cf and pay attention to it's politics. But in the off chance you do, you might have overheard about some "troubles." In a classic case of the majority of people overreacting about what many people have come to call "corruption" amongst the administrators I've decided to leave CF as one of it's administrators (a decision I'm already starting to regret btw). I think I said something to 2-face earlier which I'd like to quote myself on; "I've been treated like a slave for nearly 6 months and I'm practically being hated for it." I'll let your mind dwell on that quote. Although I do think I exaggerated "a bit."

..I think this is the longest update I've ever made, or it at least comes close. I suppose it's time I do the obligatory plugs. It's a must for every long update to stretch it's length;) You could also call this an affiliate update, hehe

The Cell Game - Gohan3k is being even more lazy than me, hehe. A few weeks ago he decided to bring one of his old layouts back (Version 4, which was made by morrik btw). So if you're interested in seeing some classic (and old) work by morrik, then take a.. click?

Limited Chaos - Limited Chaos, run by the almighty Lindz. She's on her 22nd, yes.. 22nd layout.. SINCE JULY!! But it's as good as her layouts usually are.. so I'm not complaining. She's having great fun playing ff10 and dancing along to it's midis as well as getting the time to write the occasional fanfic for ff7 (something she does very well) so give it a click or I'll hit you.

Cyndicate - Cyn's been quiet recently but she's finally just put up her KSR site for her radio station, which is also called.. KSR. Just incase you don't know what KSR stands for.. it's KillSwitchRadio... Ain't I clever? Click.. Click dammit!!

King Nothing - KN has just exploded with activity. With the likes of Mac, Sean (Sei) Phantom (supaman) Konflict and a few other well known names, obviously including morrik Updating pretty much constantly for 2 weeks, KN has just been a buzz of activity. And Konflict and Sean chucking in all of their old anime content from their ex-sites it just improves the mix. Aparently Phantom is going to add a bit of anime content as well in the near future. So a bright future is ahead of KN, which is more than I can say for this site..

Dark Blade Net - DBN is kinda closed for now, I'm not sure of what's going on, but Ryuu_ken hasn't been seen for a while. I'm pretty sure that when he makes his triumphant return DBN will be back in full flight.

Break.Away - Lit0's having great fun updating about her daily..doings. She's doing a good job of it too, Give it a click if you feel like some entertainment:-p

Internal Rage - Wiggo's just hired a new news poster and they're both posting like mad.. Not to mention Brink lending his skills. I think there's a month's reading from their first couple of updates, lol. Go click.. go, have fun... read, click!!

Bow Down - Bow Down has been down for a while, but aparently it'll be back one day.. just dunno when. I have a feeling I won't be on his affiliate list when he's back up though:(

TSR Corp - After recently being nominated at the Sapphire Awards, I think it's given Nitro the motivation to do yet more work to his already extensive site. More is better in my books, give it a click!

Eternal Darkness - Eternal Darkness is still closed, but they're constantly putting up pretty splashes;) As well as recently opening up a huge forums to call their own along with about 3 other huge sites to chip in. I've said it more than once and I'll say it again.. Click!!

KissDBZ - I'm not sure if KissDBZ is still alive anymore.. They might just be under some server downtime or it could have been closed down permanently. If anybody knows any information, please send me an e-mail.

DBUnforgiven - Dekin's STILL got a 200kb splash.. but who am I to complain? It's his bandwidth:-p Give it a click only if you're not blinded by the colour red..

Bizarre Anime - Million's been quiet longer than I have, I'm not sure what's going on to be honest, but that layout is still worth dying for, typical morrik work *drools*

Daichiretsuzan - Jim recently got a hacking threat, but nothing's come of it:-p He's doing his usual thing.. which is damn right amazing, Nice clean crisp layouts that aren't too simple but not too complicated. Not to mention his constant updating with some help from Syko, that's very entertaining as well as some pretty neat content.. Go click:-d

Saiyan Payback - Scott's undergoing a little revamp, Give him time;)

NamekHQ - I worship thee oh mighty closed site *bows in respect*

..Well that's my work for the day, I might appear tommorow to add something if I manage to build up the motivation.

Oh and btw, I just thought I'd remind the people who have Coranto accounts. Update once every month minimum or your account will be deleted. Good day..night.. whatever ^_^

Subject: Holidayz!

Posted on: Tuesday, February 18, 2003

By: Edge

God I really can't wait for half term. I know people like Brollah and all those who just sit at home all day don't have to worry or give a shit, but we school peepz love it ^_^.
I been workin quite hard lately, with various things. One of which is what i was talking about last time. go to here to see what I'm on about. Yes, I'm goin back to anime, so eat me. I think it's a good time too, seeing as DBGT IS COMING TO THE UK ON CNX SOON.

News too, see I do have my uses lol. K, I won't waste any more of your 'precious' time. Pe@ce out..

Subject: Old Layout

Posted on: Sunday, February 2, 2003

By: Brolly

Scott from Saiyan Payback reminded me about 30 mintues ago that I hadn't uploaded the old layout to the Old layouts page. So.. I have now, lol

Subject: Time to rant!

Posted on: Sunday, February 2, 2003

By: Edge

Okay, obviously I have been absent from DBNightmare for quite some time. I haven't really been busy but still, just not here lol.
Things have been changing for me lately, and I've decided Animality just isn't working. Okay, so it was fun for a while, but I just can't be content with writing about myself. It never really got very far I know, but I have something else in mind so I don't just dwindle away. I'll update about that some other time though...

Anyway, I'd better go get dressed -_-. Pe@ce out..

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