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Buu was a creature Created 5 million years ago by Bibidi, the evil magician. He was released out of his captivity by Babidi, Bibidis' son. Then he was a being of unimaginable power and he still was even compared to the Saiyans. As an example of his power even as Fat Buu [his weakest form] SSJ2 Majin Vegeta Self-destructed in an attempt to kill him and to no avail, even SSJ3 Goku couldn't compare to the power of Fat Buu. After the SSJ3 goku vs. Fat buu battle, Fat Buu started to rebel against Babidi, he turned on him and completely disintegrated him. Once he became Super Buu he was unstoppable, or is he? This Biography is in the order we see him not in the order of his life. If you wish to know more about the saga or the wishes, please check the corresponding page on the bar to the left.

Fat Buu- This form is characterized by the large amount of fat found on Buu. He is like this because when he was created he absorbed Dai-Kaioushin who was fat himself. This also gave him a calmer temperament. This form of Buu befriended Mr. Satan and loves Mr. Satan's' puppy. When the puppy was hurt, Fat Buu split himself into two half's, one good and one evil.

Good Buu- This is Fat Buu without the evil in him. He looks the same as Fat Buu just he's weaker because he's lost the evil that was inside of him.

Evil Buu- This is Fat Buu with only pure evil in him, he fought with Good Buu, he defeated him with ease and then absorbed him becoming Super Buu.

Super Buu- After Evil Buu absorbed Good Buu, he transformed into Super Buu, he grew much taller and became lean and muscular. In this form he had the ability to 'sense ki', he headed Straight to Kami's palace starting the major confrontation. During the battle against SSJ3 Gotenks he was about to be killed when Gotenks fusion wore off, giving him a chance to heal himself. Just as he was about to kill Goten and Trunks [and Piccolo] he pretended to fall asleep, he did this so he could wait and absorb SSJ3 Gotenks in an hours time. He devised this plan because he sensed a powerful 'ki' that was stronger than his own, so he knew he had to get stronger. When Gohan arrived [after being powered up to mystic] Buu was no serious threat, so he was forced to self-destruct. Of course he just regenerated, and thanks to his ingenious plan earlier Goten and Trunks were ready to Fuse into SSJ3 Gotenks, while he was distracting Gohan, Gotenks and Piccolo a piece of his back detached and snuck round to absorb Gotenks for his power and Piccolo for his intelligence. After he absorbed them he looked like this;

Super Buu- This is what Buu looked like after he absorbed SSJ3 Gotenks and Piccolo. In this form he was insanely powerful, Mystic Gohan was outclassed in everyway, he almost died twice. Everything was going alright until Goku teleported back in to the battle after being resurrected by the Dai-kaioushin, He used the Kienzan and attacked Buu. During the short battle between this Buu and Goku, Gotenks fusion inside Buu wore off, after this he looked like this;

Super Buu- This is what Buu looked like after the Gotenks fusion wore off inside his body, he was weaker in this form than he was in the last form but he was still stronger than Mystic Gohan and SSJ3 Goku. He realised that he needed to gain more strength if he was to win with ease. So he came to the conclusion that he should absorb Mystic Gohan, after all, he was the strongest one around. After he absorbed Mystic Gohan he looked like this; [geez, I think I've said that before]

Super Buu- This is what Buu looked like after he absorbed Gohan, he was a lot stronger than Goku, Goku didn't stand a chance against Buu until Vegeta showed up, Vegeta was allowed to return to the land of the living to help with the fight, he was still dead but he was able to help. Goku told Vegeta about the Potara and Vegeta reluctantly agreed to fuse in order to defeat Buu. Once they Fused they had become the most powerful being throughout DBZ, They had become Veggetto. Buu did not stand a chance against Veggetto, he was getting his ass kicked left right and centre. Veggetto had the power to Kill Buu any time he wished but he didn't want to finish him off because his combined all three sons were inside of Buu [Gohan, Goten & trunks]. At one point Buu manages to transform Veggetto into a Candy drop. This was the strongest Candy drop in the history of the universe, this candy drop could defeat Buu. After the candy drop kicking [proverbial] Buu around a bit, Buu changed him back because the candy drop was too small to hit. Buu tried again, using a sneak attack Buu was able to absorb Veggetto. Little did Buu know but Veggetto was fighting back against Buu from the inside, Vegeta and Goku were separated inside of Buu and were causing as much havoc as possible, they caused so much damage Buu released everybody from his body including Goten, Trunks, Gohan and Piccolo. The fight had not really begun, Buu had now collected enough energy to reach his original form and without Veggetto to fight against him [the fusion was neutralized inside Buu] he was a very capable opponent;

Kid Buu- This is Buu's original form, it is known as Kid Buu because he is small [about the size of Krillin]. Kid Buu is insane, he enjoys causing pain, out of frustration he just destroyed the earth, simple as that! Before the Earth was destroyed Goku with the help of Kaiou-shin managed to transport Vegeta, Dende and Mr Satan to Kaiou-shin planet. Meanwhile, Kid Buu was reconstructing himself in space and then travelled to Kaiou-shin planet to kill loads of people for his own enjoyment. On Kaiou-shin planet he ran into Goku and Vegeta where the battle began all of over again. At one point Kid Buu was about to Kill Mr Satan when he was attacked from within by Fat Buu who made friends with Mr Satan. Fat Buu fought Kid Buu but got knocked out. Goku then told Dende to collect the dragon balls on Namek so they could wish back Earth and all it's inhabitants. Goku realised that the only way to defeat Buu now was to use the Spirit Bomb on him. Mean while the Earth was back in its rightful place with all the people resurrected [including Vegeta]. Goku was having trouble collecting the energy needed to use the Spirit bomb so Gohan, etc pleaded with the people of earth to raise there hands to help Goku but no one listened. Mr Satan then asked the world to and they all listened and Goku used the Spirit Bomb, But it wasn't strong enough. Dende still on Namek used the third wish to restore Goku's strength giving him the needed boost. Kid Buu was killed, just! While Kid Buu was dying Goku, wished that he could be resurrected as a "good person"

Ubuu - Ubuu is the reincarnation of Kid Buu, he was reborn as a good person and still with incredible power [not as much as Kid Buu]. He had so much potential that Goku decided to train him. Ubuu did not know of his past-life but he did know he was gifted with a lot of power. At the end of DBZ two Buu were still in existence; Good Buu, he was spat out by Kid Buu, and Ubuu, he is the reincarnation of Kid Buu. They do not know of each others existence. Good Buu went t to become good friends with Mr Satan helping him to win even more Tenkai-Budoukai to secure his status as the strongest man on Earth. After everything had returned to normal, Goku and the others used the Earth Dragon balls to make all the humans forget of the existence of Buu. Later on in DBGT Ubuu ran into Good Buu and realised they were once the same, they fused in an attempt to defeat an enemy [Super #17], Sadly, he ended up dying anyway. Sorry for bringing a sad ending to this, but hey! It's the TRUTH!!

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