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This is a list of all the wishes made throughout DB/Z/GT by both Shenron and Porunga, enjoy, please don't steal this, it took me ages to compile this list.

Wishes granted by Shenron.


1- The wish was made by Pilaf, who wanted to be the king of the world, but Oolong was there first and he asked for panties.

2- The wish was made by Gokou, who asked for the resurrection of his Indian friend Upa's father, after having dealt with the Red Ribbon Army during a good number of episodes to be able to gather the seven balls. 

3- The wish was made by Piccolo Daimao who asked to be young again. Then, after his wish was conceded, Piccolo ungratefully destroyed the Dragon Shenron. 

4- Then, Gokou wanted God to resurrect the Dragon Shenron. He convinced Kami-sama and this fourth time he asked for the resurrection of all the people killed by Piccolo, including Kuririn, Kamesennin and Chaozu.

Dragonball Z:-

1- Bulma wished Gokou back after he sacrificed himself against Raditz. 

2- Kami-sama used his Dragonballs to wish everyone killed by Freeza back to life. 

3- After Cell was killed, Dende used his balls to a) Bring back those killed by Cell and b) Take the bombs out of #17 and #18. A third wish was not made. 

4- While Babidi and Majin Buu were terrorizing people, Bulma told Shenron to bring back the people killed in the last few days, excluding the evil ones. 

5- 6 months later, Dende used his balls to make everyone on Earth to forget about Majin Buu. 

Dragonball GT:-

1- Pilaf used the Black Star Dragonballs to turn Gokou in to a kid again. This wish has been made using the Black Star Dragonballs. 

2- Bebi made Dende use the Black Star balls to make Bebi a planet. This wish has been made using the Black Star Dragonballs.

3- After the Earth blew up because of the Black Star balls, they used the regular balls to re-construct the Earth. 

4- Shenron's last appearance was when he had to leave for good after the evil Shenrons were beaten. Before he left with Gokou, he resurrected everyone killed by the evil Shenrons and Super #17. 

Wishes granted by Porunga.

Dragonball Z:-

1- On planet Namek, Kuririn, Gohan, and Dende told Porunga (the Namek Shenron) to; a) Resurrect Piccolo, b) Bring him to Namek and c)....Saichouro (the Namek elder) died therefore Porunga disappeared. 

2- Dende told Porunga (Saichouro was brought back with the wish on earth) to take everyone from Namek, except Gokou and Freeza, to Earth. 

3- Dende used the The Namek Dragon Balls to a) Bring Kuririn to the Earth's check-in station b) Wish back Kuririn c) Wish back Yamcha. 

4- Dende used the Namek balls again to a) Wish back Tien b) Wish back Chaozu c) Wish all the Namekians to a new planet. 

5- Dende went to Namek and used the balls there to a) Re-construct the Earth, b) Resurrect everyone killed after the last Tenkaichi Boudoukai (excluding the evil ones) and c) Bring Gokou back to full power. 

Note:- Porunga was not around during Dragonball or Dragonball GT

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