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  There are 13 movies and 2 specials, all around 40-45 minutes long. On this page there are detailed descriptions and ratings of each of the movies and the specials.

The movies.

Movie 01 - The Deadzone - cover

Description: The Deadzone introduces Garlic Junior who seeks immortality to revenge his father by killing Kami Sama. He used the dragonballs the gain immortality, making him a powerful villain. As of all the early movies, his plot was challenged by Goku and Piccolo. One can expect the animation to be brilliant. 
Unfortunately, its letdown was that the music became rather repetitive and Garlic Junior's voice was fairly lame. Although humorous at times, the storyline was somewhat childish compared to the other movies.
Rating: 3.5 out of 10

Movie 02 - The World's Strongest - cover
Description: Dr. Wheelo has returned after being frozen in his own lab. With the plan of becoming the strongest man on Earth, he attempts to take over Kamesennin's body, not knowing that Goku has now replaced Kamesennin as the strongest man on Earth. 
The movie had a simple, boring plot. Some would consider this to be a "rushed production".
Rating: 3 out of 10

Movie 03 - Tree of Might - cover
Description: After Taurus had been introduced into the movie, we learn of his plot to sap the Earth's energy through the Shinseiju (the Tree of Might). This is yet another plain, boring movie where Goku and the Z warriors attempt to interfere with his plans. 
The graphics are not particularly stunning nor are there any great sound effects.
Rating: 4 out of 10

Movie 04 - Super Namekian Slug - cover
Description: Slug comes to Earth in search of the Dragon Balls which could grant him his youth back. His wish was fulfilled and he tries to take over Earth. Once again, Goku attempts to stop him only to find Slug's true form to be more powerful than any villain. 
Sorry for the people who like this movie, it is absolute crap. I have never watched anything in an anime as horrible as this. Apart from a half-hearted storyline, the battle scenes were amazingly dull and unattractive. To me, this movie seems like a half-minute production.
Rating: 2 out of 10

Movie 05 - Strongest vs the Strongest - cover
Description: Koola arrives on Earth in hopes of avenging Frieza's death. Once again, the Z warriors face off Koola and force him into his final transformation. Surprisingly, the story focuses on every character rather than Goku and the villain. 
The battle scenes are fairly nice and the graphics itself are stunning as usual. For once, the story has a bit of life in it; ups and downs all the time.
Rating: 6.5 out of 10

Movie 06 - Attack of the 1 million Power Warriors - cover
Description: In the beginning, we learn that New Planet Namek has been attacked by a machinery object and the planet's life force was being absorbed. After knowing what has happened, the Z warriors arrive on the planet only to find that Koola had fused with the machinery object and was controlling it with his surviving organ, the brain.
This movie is spectacular in both graphics and sound quality. The scene where thousands of Metal Koolas marched against Goku and Vegeta was amazing. The battle between Koola's brain, Goku & Vegeta was one of my most memorable scenes in all of the Dragon Ball Z movies experience I had.
Rating: 7.5 out of 10

Movie 07 - Battle to the Limit - cover
Description: This movie revolves around Dr. Gero's computer creation of three androids who were all programmed to kill Goku. Involving Trunks [mirai], Goku and Vegetas the three SSJ's.
The graphics in this movie were stunning and the explosions were magnificent. When Android #13 powers up, his fight with our Z warriors was amazing and really broke loose the urge of excitement in most people.
Rating: 8 out of 10

Movie 8 - Bring your Spirit to the Max - cover
Description: Paragus comes to Earth and invites Vegeta to act as king of the New Planet Vegeta. Paragus masked his true plan of universal domination while occupying our prince Saiyan and the other Z warriors.
This is a fairly nice movie, but since it is such a one sided fight I didn't get much out of the battle scenes. Disappointingly, Brolly was finished off with a single punch. It was still nice to learn about the Legendary Super Saiyan though. 
Rating: 6.5 out of 10

Movie 9 - The Galaxy's in Danger! Super Awesome Guy! - cover
Description: This story involves all the Z warriors, including the strongest and the weakest (even Mr. Satan). In a tournament, the final contestants were made to fight against trained warriors in order to prove their worthiness for challenging Mr. Satan. It turns out that the trained warriors were knocked unconscious and unknowingly replaced by the Northern Galaxy's most dreadful villains, Bojack and his minions.
Apart from a stupid name, this is a great Dragon Ball Z movie. It had excellent animation and music. Unfortunately, the storyline was not fully developed and the movie was too short. Overall this is a great movie and a must have for any DBZ Otaku. 
Rating: 8 out of 10

Movie 10 - Dangerous Pair. - cover
Description: While Trunks, Goten, and Videl were searching for the Dragon Balls, they run into Brolly who has come to Earth looking for Goku. The three find their match in Brolly and things look bad until Gohan comes along. Things are once again looking bad, but the Z warriors get a little from a miracle sent by Shenlong. 
This is a great movie! It is! It has a lot of comedy, great fighting scenes, stunning music and great emotion. This is my favourite of the Brolly Trilogy. 
Rating: 9.5 out of 10

Movie 11 - Super Warrior Shoot-out! - cover
Description: Someone had used Brolly's blood sample to create a clone of him. The clone breaks free and starts causing havoc. A chemical, which was supposed to melt him, was poured over him. Instead, the chemical changes him into some sort of a deformed creature that is literally indestructible.
The fights in this movie are not all that bad, but it is other things that bring it down. Three movies with Brolly is a little too much and even worse is when you see what Brolly looks like in this movie. Another letdown was the way in which Brolly was beaten. Trust me, you will never see this one coming. Not even your usual comic relief from Trunks, Goten, and Satan can save this movie. 
Rating: 2 out of 10

Movie 12 - The Rebirth of Fusion: Goku and Vegeta - cover
Description: In the afterlife world, Janeba is causing havoc in Enma Kaio's Palace. Goku and Vegeta were forced to team up, and eventually perform fusion to become Gogeta, when Janeba changes from a fat, playful marshmallow creature into a fearsome red warrior that looks somewhat like Koola, yet a lot more cooler.
This is easily the best of all the Dragon Ball Z movies. It is a definite must see as long as you have the slightest interest in the Dragon Ball Z series. This movie uses computer graphics, so the animation is absolutely amazing. Throw in with the ever so powerful Janeba and the ass-kicking Gogeta, you have got yourself one of the best anime movies. 
Rating: 10 out of 10

Movie 13 - Explosive Dragon Fist! - cover
Description: A mysterious old man appears with a magical box and he needs someone to open it. Faking suicide to get Gohan and Videl's attention, they collect the Dragon Balls and wish for the box to open. Tapion, the creature that emerges from the box, isn't too happy about his release for he has a deep secret within him.
Wow, this movie, in a word, rocks. Because of the fact that this was the last Dragon Ball Z movie, animation has improved a lot. This, along with movie 12, would be one of the best anime movies in history. The villain is amazing, and that is even more amazing than Janeba or any of those creeps from Tehchi. 
Rating: 10 out of 10


The Specials.

Bardock, the father of Goku.

This Special begins with a scene of Planet Vegeta, The Narrator explains that a boy has just been born. A saiyan explains that his name is Kakarot and he is the son of a saiyan named Bardock, who is a low level saiyan. This means that Kakarot is also a low level saiyan with little potential and is going to have to be sent to a distant planet.
The scene now switches to a planet called Kanassa where there are Oozaru's shown destroying the natives there. Now a scene is shown with some Saiyans, Bardock Toma and I'm not sure if the other 3 had their names mentioned. We learn that Bardock does not care for his son at all and that Freeza wanted to take over Kanassa because there is a special force that enables people to see into the future and gain psychic abilities. In this scene a survivor of the Kanassa planet comes up and attacks Bardock right in the back of his neck. Toma and one of the other Saiyans help Bardock by firing at the Kanassa alien. For some reason the alien now has a white glow over him and says this to Bardock: "Listen I gave you the power to see into the future, you should be able to see the destiny of you and your descendants. I'll tell you know that you only have a cursed future. Like my people you are destined to become extinct. Suffer from seeing your people's future" and then he starts laughing. Right then Bardock fires at him, destroying the race of Kanassians (I guess that's what they are called just like Namekians and Namek) and right there Bardock falls over.

The scene now switches to planet Vegeta where a young Vegeta is training against Saibamen, and he beets them all. This surprises some alien type people but does not surprise Nappa (HE HAS HAIR!). One of the alien type people is thinking what Vegeta will become when he is older if he has this high of a power level now. After Vegeta's training he and Nappa are walking down a hall where Vegeta plans to ask Freeza to go "occupy" (which means destroying all life forms there) the next planet he is going to destroy. Nappa says "again" and Vegeta says "is that a problem" and then Nappa says "no, it's not" (man this attitude of Nappa being scared of Vegeta goes a long way, all the way to the saiyan saga!)

Now we are in Freeza's ship where Zarbon and Dodoria are hanging out. Zarbon tells Freeza that he has recieved a report of Planet Kanassa being occupied and that it is a month earlier than scheduled and that it was done by some nameless low level saiyans. Zarbon explains that these Saiyans are weak when they are alone but indestructible when together and worries about them teaming up to destroy Freeza. Right then Vegeta walks in and says he is here to inform Freeza that he is going to go occupy the next planet. Zarbon and Dodoria tell him to leave, but to their surprise Freeza tells Vegeta to "go and do a good job."

Back at planet Vegeta Bardock is being healed in one of those recuperation pods. Toma asks how he is doing and finds out that physically he is perfect but mentally he has different brain waves so he decides for the gang to go without him this time. They are going to occupy the Planet Meet. Now a scene is shown of baby kakarot and he is crying. Somehow when Goku starts to cry Bardock gets a vision of Planet Vegeta exploding. He now sees visions of a young Goku meeting Grandpa Gohan and Bulma, Master Roshi and Krillan and a scene of him fighting Piccolo-Daimou and a grown up Goku, fighting Piccolo. This is when Bardock wakes up. He asks where Toma and the others are and this alien guy tells him that they are gone to planet Meet, under Freeza's orders. Right then Bardock decides to go off to the planet Meet aswell and before he lives he sees his son crying and has another vision of Planet Vegeta blowing up.

On planet Meet a scene is shown of Toma and the others getting beaten up by Freeza's men. When Toma asks Dodoria why they are doing this they say it is because they are under Freeza's orders. When Bardock arrives at planet Meet he sees all the dead people of the planet, and when he gets a reading on his scouter he sees that they are still working hard. He sees all of his fellow saiyan friends lying half dead and Toma explains that Freeza backstabbed them. This makes Bardock very angry to see Toma and the others dying like this for no reason at all. He takes his white bandana and wipes all the blood of his friends on it (this is how it turns red.) He gets very mad and when Freeza's men come he puts up a good fight and kills them all. During the fight he had another vision of Goku fighting Vegeta and doing a Kaiou-Ken power up. After the fight Dodoria comes out of nowhere and when Bardock says "why, why us." Dodoria finds out he is ordered to go back to base because Freeza and the gang are heading towards planet Vegeta. Bardock gets up and flies to Planet Vegeta, and on his way he sees Kakarot a.k.a. Goku being sent to another planet.

Back at Freeza's ship Dodoria sees he's messed up and that Bardock was left alive and now is flying back to Planet Vegeta. Once he gets there he realizes Kakarot was sent to Earth and realizes his visions are all going to come true. He has more visions of Goku. Bardock tries to tell everyone that Freeza is going to blow up the planet but nobody believes him and all the saiyans laugh at him. On his way outside to try and stop Freeza he has a vision of Goku and Freeza face to face on Namek. Freeza's ship arrives and Bardock flies up to Freeza's spaceship and hundreds maybe even thousands of Freeza's men try to stop him but nothing can hold this enraged Saiyan back When Freeza comes out of the ship Bardock thinks this will change everything and he tries firing at Freeza but Freeza creates that very famous ball of energy and blows up the whole planet, killing all the saiyans, Bardock and even thousands of his own men. 

Before Bardock dies he sees Goku in front of Freeza one more time and yells: Kakarot!!!! Goku is shown one more time and he hears Bardock saying "Kakarot.....Carry out the mission of your father, get revenge for Saiyans and planet Vegeta." 

One last scene of young Vegeta is shown and someone tells him planet Vegeta has blown up and he doesn't even care. He finished occupying his planet and needs tougher ones even though thousands of dead bodies are shown. Now a scene is shown of baby Goku on Earth and Grandpa Gohan finding him and naming him Goku, Son Goku. 

The History of Trunks

This Dragonball Z special starts with Gohan racing towards his home. Oolong tells him to hurry up and get inside the house. And when he does he sees Goku lying on his bed. The Narrarator now explains that Goku has died of a heart disease and for half a year everyone dealt with his death but then "a pair of devils" appeared and even though everyone tried there best, their efforts failed. Androids 17 and 18 killed Piccolo, Vegeta, Yamcha and Krillan and the narrator says "There are only two people left to stop them Gohan and Trunks!."

It is now 13 years later and the androids are attacking a place called "Pepper Town" and they destroy everyone they can after giving them a 10 second time limit to escape. Now Roshi, Oolong and Puar are shown hiding under water in a ship, and Roshi says he wants to fight but Oolong and Puar remind him that he has no chance. Now android 18 is shown trying on clothes and later the androids go around killing people by running them over in a car. 

The Scene goes to Trunks who is older now and is at least 13 years old. He and Bulma are riding in a car and are on there way home when Trunks hears on the radio that the androids have attacked again. Despite Bulma's advice Trunks flies to the place where the androids have attacked but the androids are long gone. This is where Gohan shows up with cool music in the background and then Trunks asks him why the androids are doing this. The scene switches to Bulma's house where Trunks is crying about letting the androids kill everyone and then he asks Gohan, to train him and Gohan agrees. Right then Bulma comes in with food and Trunks tells Gohan not to tell Bulma about what they just discussed.

Now we're taken outside where Trunks is trying to go Super Saiyan but just doesn't succeed. Gohan starts fighting with Trunks for training and knocks him into a whirlpool that he needs Gohan's help to get out of. Trunks asks Gohan what kind of a man his father was and Gohan says "He put up a tough front but he was strong and full of pride.

Back at Chi-Chi's place Ox-King brings in some food and Chi-Chi says she wants Gohan home and doesn't care about the robots. Meanwhile Gohan tells Trunks that anger is the key to go super saiyan but Trunks still doesn't make it. Meanwhile at the only theme park that is left in the world the Androids skip in line to get on a roller coaster. The worker tells them to wait in line only to get killed. They try to call the cities army but a scene of the destroyed army is shown. Gohan and Trunks show up and start fighting but get beaten up but manages to hide, and Gohan gets his arm cut off. They are both in deep pain and Gohan, gives Trunks the last senzu bean he has.

When Trunks gets back with the beaten up Gohan, Bulma makes Gohan better and finds out Trunks is fighting alongside Gohan and says that the time machine is almost made. When Gohan is fully healed Trunks tries to go Super Saiyan again and comes VERY close. After a while they see that the androids are attacking another town so Gohan says he will kill them this time but Trunks wants to come to and since Gohan doesn't want him killed he knocks Trunks out. When Gohan goes to fight the androids he comes very close and I'm sure if he fought them one by one instead of both at the same time he would have won, but instead he died. When Trunks sees his dead body he finally goes Super Saiyan from anger.

Three years later the time machine is built but still needs 8 months to charge. Trunks thinks he can defeat the androids because he has gotten a lot stronger since the past three years. Despite Bulma's warnings he goes and fights the androids, he gets beaten up very badly, he didn't even stand a chance against these monsters. Trunks learns the hard way that these androids never run out of energy. Trunks manages to get away.

When Trunks heals he realizes that he didn't stand a chance. Bulma believes that if Goku was alive things would be different. Well now the time machine is perfect and it has the label "Hope" on it. Trunks rides on as the credits role to this excellent special. 

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