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Contrary to belief 'ki' is actually pronounced as "key". 'ki' is Japanese and has no English translation which is why it's still pronounced 'Ki'. The true meaning of ki is energy, or life force. Throughout Dragon ball, Z and GT Ki detection was used almost constantly. The most common way you'd have seen this was by a character saying something like 'I call feel his tremendous power'. 
Ki can be detected in two ways, everyone is  born with this ability and you have to develop it or you are forced to use a scouter. A scouter was used in the Saiya-jin saga and the Frieza saga only, this is because after the frieza saga everybody was too powerful and the scouters explode when a power level fluctuates at great speed (a sudden up surge).
Your Ki can be suppressed to very low level so not to be detected by another person or by a scouter. This technique is only learned by the Z-Fighters and a few villains such as Cell.

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