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Cell is the Ultimate Android created by Dr Gero, unlike his other androids this creation is completely organic. Cell was created using DNA for the most powerful people in the universe. The list of DNA includes such people as Tien, Piccolo, Vegeta, Goku, Gohan and even Frieza and King Kold. To find out more about the Cell Saga consult The Cell Saga Summary.

Cell is from a third timeline we never see, in his time line he killed trunks, stole his time machine and travelled to our time line a year before Frieza and King Cold Arrived on Earth

Larvae Cell- 

This is Cells' original state, in this form he had to wait 24 years to get enough nutrients to go into pupa Cell. He was in this form in the third time line I wrote about above.

Pupae Cell- 
Once he reached this form [after 24 years] he had to wait a further 4 years to reach his 1st stage. He killed the Trunks of his timeline stole his time machine and travelled back to a year before Frieza and King Cold arrive on Earth. After 4 years he had absorbed enough nutrients to reach his first form and fight Goku and the others.

Imperfect Cell- 
This is the first form we ever saw Cell in, he was very strong in this form, at the time only two people could compete with him; Piccolo [after fusing with Kami] and #16.For Cell to reach his 2nd Stage he needed to absorb either android 17 or 18. 

Semi-perfect Cell- 

To achieve this form he had to absorb android 17/18, he absorbed #17 becoming unimaginably strong [at the time]. To reach his Final stage [Perfect Cell] he still had to absorb #18. Vegeta allowed Cell to absorb #18 so he had a strong foe to fight against, not knowing that Perfect Cell was stronger than anybody to handle. 

Perfect Cell- 
Perfect Cell was arrogant but he had a reason to be, no one could stand up to Perfect Cell. Realising this he announced "The Cell Game". A tournament that allowed anyone on earth to fight against him, if no one could defeat him he said he would blow up the earth. He gave everybody 2 weeks to prepare. Cell had the ability to use moves such as the kamehameha and Piccolo's Beam cannon, he can use these moves because he has their DNA. He has Saiyan blood so when he heals after a serious injury he gets dramatically stronger. He also has the ability to regenerate, not just a limb but his whole body. When Gohan went ssj2 Android #18 was kicked out of Cell's stomach and he then regressed to Semi-perfect Cell. As a last resort he attempted to self-destruct so goku had taken cell to King Kai's planet and exploded there killing King kai, bubbles, gregory and Goku. Cell was somehow able to regenerate from this and used the new technique he'd learnt, Instant transmission and travelled back to earth where he bumped into Gohan as...

Super-Perfect Cell-
After self-destructing Cell had learnt the Instant transmission technique and his cells had also Kept the Information of his Perfect form so he was able to return as Perfect cell, but with one big different. After returning from near death he had a great increase in strength.

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